Uganda: Multinational Mayhem


October 30, 2005: The rogue militias still operating in the northeastern Congo threaten stability throughout the region. That also provides a sanctuary, of sorts, for Ugandan LRA rebels and outlaws of all types. Until law and order can be brought to the region, and bandits will continue to cripple commerce.

October 26, 2005: LRA gunmen made at least three attacks on foreign aid workers in the north, causing some aid organizations to cease operations.

October 21, 2005: Uganda held a meeting in its capital, Kampala, that included security personnel and government representatives from the Congo, Rwanda, and discuss the continuing turmoil in the Congo. The group will meet again (though one scheduled for this week was cancelled). The UN has been urging these four African governments to do a better job of coordinating security measures. The countries agreed to impose "financial restrictions" on militias in the eastern Congo. Actions against the militias could include travel bans and prosecution of militia leaders (presumably in courts in the four countries). At times all four nations have backed various militias and rebels in the Congo's civil war. Even if Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, and the Congo do begin to cooperate --and withdraw covert support for the militias-- the war won't end overnight. Tribal rivalries play a large role in the fighting. However, jailing militia leaders and ending financial support will diminish the militias' power and influence.




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