Uganda: April 15, 2005


Looks like the lull in fighting has ended -- with a bloodbath. The Ugandan government claimed that its troops killed at least 21 LRA fighters in  an army offensive. The Ugandan Peoples Defense Force (UPDF, the Ugandan Army) began the offensive April 8. Major clashes occurred throughout Uganda's northern border region on April 8 and April 9. Firefights took place on in several areas. The Ugandan military said that its troops suffered no casualties.

There were over half a dozen firefights, dispersed (by Ugandan standards) over a large area, and  no army casualties,  suggesting the Ugandan Army had very good intelligence on rebel locations as well as strength. Given the number and rank of LRA leaders who've surrendered since January 1, this isn't surprising. Old hideouts have been compromised as well as infiltration routes and tactics. The Ugandan government is winning, at least as long as the Sudanese government refrains from reinforcing the LRA.




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