Uganda: January 31, 2005


There has been renewed fighting in northern Uganda. Over the last six weeks it is clear that the core leaders in the LRA are continuing to fight. In the last week, troops in northern Uganda have killed at least 17 LRA members. On January 28, Sudanese SPLA rebel leader John Garang (after signing the peace deal he's no longer the same type of rebel) said that he would work to end the fighting in Uganda. Garang visited northern Uganda and expressed his "unreserved willingness to help" end the Ugandan conflict. Garang indicated his forces (SPLA) would not "tolerate the presence" of the LRA (ie, in Sudanese territory where the SPLA operates). Garang admitted that in the past the Sudanese government had supported the LRA. Since Garang is now part of the Sudanese government, he believes he is in position to stop any overt (and perhaps covert) Sudanese support of the LRA. At the minimum, Garang's attitude increases the political pressure on holdout LRA factions. The LRA can now expect SPLA forces to participate in counter-LRA operations in Sudan.




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