Uganda: November 24, 2004


Ugandan media are reporting that some LRA units have accepted the "limited ceasefire" agreement and moved to designated "safe zones" in northern Uganda. The ceasefire ended November 23, but it appears it is still being observed for the moment. A Ugandan military spokesman, however, reported that LRA rebels had "not shown a willingness" to continue negotiations. The same report said that LRA leader Joseph Kony had been heard on military radios talking to his subordinates in northern Uganda. Kony now wants 100 days of ceasefire before pursuing the peace negotiations. One Ugandan newspaper quoted an "LRA commander" as saying that Kony is trying undermine the ceasefire and scotch a peaceful political settlement. Kony has allegedly ordered LRA rebel units to return to Nisitu area in south Sudan. The LRA had several bases around Nisitu.

Clearly the Ugandan military suspects that Kony is trying to use the ceasefire to reconstitute LRA forces. The LRA leadership cadre is also splintering, which give the Ugandan government at least a small political victory. 

Meanwhile, on Uganda's western front, the Ugandan Army reported the discovery of a large arms cache belonging to the People's Redemption Army (PRA) . The PRA rebels are commanded by Col. Edson Muzoora. Militiamen belonging to the Armed Forces of Congolese People (a Congolese rebel group) had found the weapons inside the Congo near the Ugandan border. The militiamen then tipped off the Ugandan Army. If it looks like Congolese rebels policing Ugandan rebels--well, it is, and that's an old but often effective game. The Congolese rebel group operates in the Congolese Aru region. A Ugandan military spokesman said that a Ugandan customs officer had been arrested in connection with the arms cache and smuggling weapons to the PRA.




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