Uganda: March 25, 2004


The army showed off 40 malnourished civilians rescued from the LRA and displayed weapons captured during fighting on March 20/21, when 92 rebels were killed. The 4th Division's commander said that intelligence indicated that the rebels now have less than 1,000 fighters in the bush but added that "the political elite are manipulating this rebellion, otherwise in six months, this war would be over." 

Meanwhile, the army is cracking down on soldiers who fail to protect civilians from rebel raids. The day before, an unidentified captain was arrested after rebels killed 12 civilians in a March 19 attack on a camp in the North. The charges are that he had failed to radio for help in time, organize his detachment to fend off an attack and some of his officers were drunk. The northerners accuse the army, which is manned mostly by southerners, of being poorly motivated and believing that Kony's fighters have supernatural powers. - Adam Geibel




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