Uganda: August 7, 2002


The Ugandan Army said its troops killed another 15 LRA fighters in northern Uganda. Nine LRA thugs died in a firefight near Kalong (Kitgum district). Six were killed in an engagement near Chwero (between Gulu and Kitgum). Meanwhile, AFP reported a man identifying himself as an LRA commander (the name given was Brigadier Tolbert Yardin Nyeko) had claimed the LRA had killed 238 Ugandan Army troops since beginning an offensive in northern Uganda on June 8. (AFP said its source was a Ugandan publication.) It appears the LRA is now starting an information offensive as well, since the same man (Nyeko) has shown up on the BBC. The LRA is making the statement that were still around despite the Ugandan-Sudanese deal that cut Khartoums support for the LRA. (Austin Bay)




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