Uganda: June 3, 2002


: The UK Telegraph reported on 2 June that the Ugandan island of Mukusu in the crocodile-infested waters of Lake Victoria is for sale for only $311,000 (214,000). Former dictator Idi Amin Dada used the 23-acre island as a combined holiday home and torture camp. The Butcher of Uganda, Africas Adolf Hitler had a spectacularly brutal eight-year reign, during which tens of thousands of personal and political enemies were killed in imaginative ways: some were crushed alive by tanks, others disembowelled and maimed. Prisoners were forced to beat out the brains of fellow inmates before suffering a similar fate themselves. Amin once even boasted about his own taste for eating human flesh. Those that weren't cannibalized were fed to Lake Victoria's crocodiles.  The island is now being marketed as a perfect site for a luxury hotel or a tycoons holiday home. - Adam Geibel




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