Uganda: April 23, 2002


Since Uganda voted against Sudan in the United Nations Human Rights Commission resolution on 20 April that called on Sudan to respect human rights, Ugandan security sources told the New Vision newspaper that Sudan had refused to extend the 18 April 18 deadline allowing UPDF units to hunt LRA rebels inside its territory. 

However, Ugandan army spokesman and military assistant to the defense minister Major Shaban Bantariza told the press on the 21st that Sudan and Uganda defense chiefs had "agreed on principle to extend the deadline". 

Joesph Kony was reportedly commanding a group of about 1,000 LRA fighters and hiding around Acholi hills (Ngong hills), about 30 miles from the Uganda-Sudan border. This area is supposedly controlled by the anti-Khartoum Sudanese People's Liberation Army (SPLA). LRA Brigadier General Matata and Vincent Otti were also commanding forces of about 1,000 soldiers each, in different areas. Some LRA groups were supposedly besieged by the Sudanese army southeast of Juba. About 7,000 LRA rebels had fled their four main camps on the eastern bank of the White Nile.

According to UN aid officials, thousands of civilians displaced by the joint Ugandan-Sudanese military operation against the LRA in Eastern Equatoria, southern Sudan, had arrived in the Khartoum government stronghold of Juba. - Adam Geibel




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