Uganda: We Will Rock You


May 27, 2007: Senior LRA (Lord's Resistance Army) commander Vincent Otti stated that the "war will continue" if International Criminal Court indictments against him and other LRA leaders are not dropped. Otti also said that the LRA would overthrow the government if the indictments were not dropped. Otti was interviewed in an LRA camp inside the Congo's Garamba National Park.

May 26, 2007: The government justifies sending troops to Somalia as part of its "duty" as a member of the African Union (AU). Uganda has taken a great deal of criticism from Eritrea and a number of predominantly Muslim states for deploying peacekeeping troops to Somalia. Several Ugandan opposition parties also oppose the the deployment. They see it as a way to criticize the government. The defense ministry has made an interesting point regarding its peacekeeping force. They argued that if the AU had a "standing peacekeeping force" then Uganda would not have had to send 1500 troops to Somalia. A permanent AU-sponsored peacekeeping force for operations in Africa is an idea suggested at least thirty years ago.

May 25, 2007: Uganda claims a group called the Peoples Resistance Army (PRA) is operating in the eastern Congo. In 2005, the UN reported that the PRA was an "armed group" operating in the Congo, but there is very little data on the PRA. One of Uganda's main opposition political leaders is accused of belonging to the PRA. The opposition leader said that the PRA is a fake organization created by the government.

May 22, 2007: LRA rebels kidnapped four civilians in Central Equatoria state.




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