Ivory Coast: Peace and Plunder


January 5, 2006: While a new government has been formed in the last week, and accepted by most factions, there is no end to the civil war. The rebel leaders have become warlords, and the looting of the national wealth is proceeding. The UN is trying to raise money to hire more peacekeepers so that the warlords can be encouraged to disarm. Unfortunately, the country appears stuck in "loot" mode for some time.

January 2, 2006: Two army bases near the southern city of Abidjan were attacked, and looted of weapons and munitions. Ten people were killed, including three soldiers. Later, 32 people were arrested for involvement in the attacks, including three soldiers. The country is seeing the growth of more warlords, and to be a warlord you need weapons. Soldiers are also angry about not getting paid, and willing to use their weapons to get what they want.

December 16, 2005: The UN has banned the sale of Ivory Coast diamonds. These are mined in the rebel held north of the country. The diamonds are being sold by various factions to buy arms and may gunmen. The UN has also renewed for another year, the arms embargo on Ivory Coast.


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