Haiti: Peacekeepers in the Hood


November17, 2006: While the situation remains violent in the capital, the rest of the country has been betting calmer over the past few months. The most powerful political and criminal gangs are in the capital, where most of the peacekeepers are.

November 10, 2006: In the capital, two Jordanian peacekeepers were shot dead during a patrol of one of the slum neighborhoods. Criminal gangs have their base of support in these slum areas, and encourage people to harass the UN patrols.

November 7, 2006: An annual poll of corruption has placed Haiti in first place this year. This means that the government, and commercial sector, of Haiti, is considered the most corrupt on the planet. Haiti has long placed in the top ten, and has finally made it to the top.

October 21, 2006: In the last few days, UN peacekeepers clashed with residents of a poor neighborhood in the capital, leaving three civilians dead, and more wounded. The slum residents support various criminal gangs, and oppose UN patrols with gunfire, fire bombs, rocks or just demonstrations.

October 20, 2006: A kidnapped missionary was released, after the payment of $5,000 ransom. The victim has been doing missionary work in Haiti for 24 years, and was grabbed five days ago. His kidnappers were a gang of criminals, including several wanted for killing policemen. It costs a lot of money ($10,000 and up) to get smuggled out of the country, and the kidnappers were trying to raise the cash through kidnapping. Missionaries are good targets, as they usually have some money, and no bodyguards.


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