Haiti: Votes and Violence


February 14, 2006: Rene Preval, an ally of deposed president Aristide, took an early lead in the voting, but as the count continued, his lead slipped below 50 percent. If none of the 33 candidates gets over 50 percent, there has to be a runoff next month. Thousands of Preval supporters have rioted to protest suspected vote rigging.

While Preval is popular, and professes the same anti-poverty programs as Arsitide, it remains to be seen if Preval can avoid the corruption and inefficiency any getter than Aristide and two centuries of predecessors. Most of the criminal gangs that have taken over many city neighborhoods don't really care who the president of the country is.

February 8, 2006: There was heavy turnout for the presidential election, although at least four were killed in violence, and many more wounded.


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