Haiti: Peacekeepers Hammer Gangsters


November 19, 2005: UN peacekeepers have launched over a hundred company sized raids, most in the last year, and mostly against armed gangs still supporting former president Aristide. The main purpose of the raids is to cripple the criminal activities of these gangs. But when the gangs are taken down, the ability of Aristide supporters to apply armed pressure is also reduced.

November 17, 2005: National elections have been rescheduled for a third time, and will now be held on December 27th, maybe.

November 15, 2005: A company of peacekeepers fought an eight hour battle in the capital, as they encountered resistance during a raid against a criminal gang. Four people were killed and 33 arrested.

November 14, 2005: In the capital, several UN raids over the weekend, against criminal gangs, left one person dead, two wounded, nine arrested and much stolen property recovered.

November 8, 2005: Fourteen policemen are being prosecuted for murder because of killings during a raid last August. The police are accused of really trying to intimidate political rivals.

October 26, 2005: Audits of former president Aristide's government have found over $100 million missing. The government wants to extradite Aristide from South Africa and prosecute him for corruption.

October 22, 2005: A company of Brazilian peacekeepers took down a heavily armed criminal gang, arresting seven men and seizing weapons and loot. The criminal gangs sometimes take part in political violence as well. The raid was in the Bel Air neighborhood, which is very poor and very loyal to former president Aristide.

October 19, 2005: The prospect of holding fair elections this year grow dimmer each day because of the inability of the government to impose order, and make the technical arrangements.


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