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India-Pakistan: Europeans Ask That Non-Existent Terror Training Camps Be Closed
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April 3, 2007: The European Union has asked Pakistan to shut down Islamic terrorist training camps in Pakistan. The Pakistani government denies that these camps exist, although reporters have no problem getting close enough to some of them to take pictures. While Pakistan has reduced terrorist activity inside Pakistan over the past few years, it has done so partly via an informal understanding with many Islamic radical groups. The basic deal is that the Islamic militants can set up their training camps in Pakistan, as long as they do not commit any terrorist acts in Pakistan. What angers the Europeans is that many of these camps train European Moslems, who are determined to commit terrorist attacks in Europe.

April 2, 2007: Several thousand Pushtun tribes men have joined the battle against foreign al Qaeda fighters living in the tribal areas near the Afghan border. Pro-Taliban tribal leaders are behind this war against the foreign al Qaeda fighters. Al Qaeda is having a hard time in this part of the world. The tribesmen just don't like foreigners much, even if the outlanders share beliefs with the tribesmen. April 1, 2007: The president of Afghanistan has accused Pakistani intelligence (ISI) of harboring senior Taliban leaders, including the top man, Mullah Omar. True or not, it shows the extent of the distrust between the two countries.

In central India, Maoists murdered two village elders, because they sold some land for the construction of a steel plant. The Maoists insist they have the authority over such decisions, and kill anyone who threatens that authority.March 31, 2007: In two weeks of fighting, nearly 200 foreign al Qaeda militants have been killed in Pakistan.

March 30, 2007: A weeklong cease fire in the Pakistani tribal areas ended, and fighting resumed between Pushtun tribesmen and foreign al Qaeda fighters. The tribes want the foreigners out of Waziristan, but these guys, and their local wives, really have no place to go. If they return to their homelands in Central Asia, Russia and the Middle East, they will be arrested and tried as terrorists. Meanwhile, in the same area, another group of local tribesmen, in support of the Taliban, are fighting with police. The Taliban were caught trying to forcibly recruit high school students for combat in Afghanistan.

March 29, 2007: In eastern Pakistan, a suicide bomber killed himself near an army base, wounding several soldiers. Islamic terrorists are trying to instigate a nationwide rebellion against the Pakistani government, in order to establish an Islamic Republic (a dictatorship run by Moslem clerics).

March 28, 2007: In the Pakistani capital, Islamic militants took three policemen hostage, and demanded the release of students and instructors from a large religious school in the capital. This school, with 11,000 students (most of them girls), is attached to the Red Mosque, a hotbed of Islamic radical activity. The government has been reluctant to move against the Red Mosque in the past, for fear of triggering a large scale uprising. About a third of the Pakistani population are supporters of Islamic radical goals (worldwide adoption of Islam, carried out by Islamic terrorists, and so on.)

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davod    Pakistani Islamic Republic   4/3/2007 7:33:37 AM
 I just re-read your Mach 29 entry.  I am shocked that you would  suggest that a Pakistani Islamic Republic would be a dictatorship run by Moslem clerics.  After all, most of the world treats the Iranian government as a democratic country.
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Ceetee    SYSOPs, "Supposedly Nonexistent" is what you are looking for?   4/3/2007 3:29:19 PM

... because the way its worded now it seems you doubt European Union's report. Which would be curious, given EU's sattelite capabilities and your own report of journalists making it close enough to take pics.

One of those camps' graduate was responsible for beheading Daniel Pearl - very much an American. So is it exclusively European concern?

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HoundOfHello       4/3/2007 4:59:03 PM
SYSOPS is mocking the way the Pakistani government has routinely denied the existence of the camps. Whenever Pakistan was accused of harboring and training Islamic terrorists, the government (both the democratic and dictatorial ones) said that there were no such camps in Pakistan. Of course, everyone knows the truth, and in recent years the Pakistani government under Musharraf has taken a few baby steps towards eliminating the camps (one of the few advantages of his refusal to give up his army post). It remains to be seen if these actions are setting a precedent for future Pakistani actions or whether they are trying to create a deceptive facade, professing to be against terrorism while holding hands with the terrorists.

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