Colombia: April 7, 2005


The campaign to diminish the drug trade made more progress last year, with a seven percent drop (to 430 tons) in the amount of cocaine produced. The coca field spraying has forced the farmers into more remote areas. The acreage of coca cultivated didn't change last year, but the new crops yielded less drugs. The drug gangs are losing a lot more assets, in the form of cash, land, transport and buildings. The drug trade has become a way of life in many rural parts of the country, and will be difficult to root out. But this has been done in other parts of the world, and what makes that happen is a general unhappiness, among the population, for the drug business. That unhappiness has come to Colombia, and so has the increased pressure to shut down the cocaine empire. But as long as there is demand for cocaine, the drug production will just go somewhere else.




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