Chad: War And Peace On The Eastern Front


April 30, 2010:  Over the last week, troops detected and halted an advance by several hundred FPNR (Popular Front for National Renaissance, also called PFNR) rebels. The FPNR is a breakaway faction of the UFR, which was responsible for the attempt to take the Chad capital last May. This incursion was halted about hundred kilometers beyond the Sudan border, after which the UFR fighters fled back to Sudan, where most of them remain. The UFR has since made peace with Chad. But some UFR fighters have formed the FPNR and have been trying to move back into Chad ever since, resulting in frequent minor skirmishes. But this recent operation was a major effort, that resulted in about a hundred rebels getting killed. The FPNR is largely UFR members who do not agree with any effort to make peace with Chad.  

April 24, 2010: Skirmishing broke out on the eastern border with Sudan. This eventually escalated to larger firefights as hundreds of FPNR rebels  tried to enter.

April 14, 2010:  For the first time in six years, all the border crossings with Sudan are open, and traffic is freely moving in both directions. Meanwhile, the two nations are trying to round up or disperse rebels from the other nations, who have been using the border as a sanctuary from attack.

April 10, 2010: The Chad government refused UN pleas to keep the peacekeeper force around beyond May 15th. So the various contingents are now preparing to leave.




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