Counter-Terrorism: ISIL Invades Norway


June 21, 2015: Norway, supplied with information on known Islamic terrorists, compared that list with one of the most recent Moslem refugees it had accepted and found at least ten of these asylum seekers had an Islamic terrorist background. Similar discoveries are being made in other countries that accept these refugees via a UN resettlement program. For over a year intelligence agencies have been warning Western governments that ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant) and other Islamic terror groups have been sending members along with refugees entering, often illegally, Europe and the West in general. Despite this risk the United States has been the major participant in this resettlement program for Moslem refugees. At the same time the U.S. refuse to accept most Syrian and Iraqi Christian refugees.

One of the primary sources for these ISIL infiltrators is the flood of illegal migrants travelling by boat from Libya to Italy. For ISIL, taking control of this people smuggling was a natural as it brought in cash and so much money was being made (over a thousand dollars per passenger) that there was enough profit for the gangsters (in Libya and Italy and elsewhere) as well as ISIL. The cash (several hundred thousand dollars a day for ISIL) pays smugglers to bring in food and equipment, as well as weapons and explosives that cannot be obtained (stolen or bought) locally. ISIL also finds that it can send ISIL men to Europe in the refugee boats and European counter-terrorism agencies are beginning to detect this. In part because ISIL profits most from the people smuggling the rival Tripoli and Tobruk governments both interfere with the smuggling operations more frequently. This forces some of the smuggler operations to move to ISIL controlled ports. There aren’t too many of those, but enough to keep the smuggling going.






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