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Counter-Terrorism: Never Forgive, Never Forget, Never Stop Looking
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May 31, 2009: The U.S. FBI has been reaching out to Lebanon, in an attempt to catch an Islamic terrorist bomb maker it has been chasing for nearly three decades. The suspect, Palestinian Abu Ibrahim, is 73 years old now, and still active. U.S. intelligence found that he was in Iraq, providing technical advice for Islamic terrorist groups. Attempts to catch Ibrahim in Iraq failed, but apparently the dragnet came close enough to cause Ibrahim to flee. He was recently spotted in north Lebanese city of Tripoli, and is apparently based in Syria (which has been a safe haven for terrorists and war criminals for over half a century). The FBI announcement may have been part of a plan to try and smoke Ibrahim out, so that he can be caught and prosecuted before he dies of old age. Next Article → SURFACE FORCES : Kuwait Has A Need For Speed