Counter-Terrorism: Deep In The Heart of Texas


December19, 2006: Islamic terrorists have been busy planning, if not executing, attacks in the United States. Some of the information shows up on terrorist web sites. For example, someone apparently did some scouting down in Texas and discovered something interesting. The heavy equipment for the troops at Ft Hood moves by rail to Houston and Beaumont, where they are loaded on ships for movement overseas. The tracks cross numerous little gullies and creeks. For the most part the viaducts across these obstacles are made of creosote-treated wood. And there's absolutely no security. In one night a half dozen guys with some trucks and matches could do enough damage to hold up the movement, of half a dozen brigades (III Corps), for weeks.

The terrorists also pass around the results of their Google searches, which apparently produces an amazing amount of detail on how American infrastructure (gas, oil, electric, water and transportation) operates. This is giving counter-terror organizations fits, because, while they already knew about most of this, now many of the bad guys do too. So far, the terrorists have been more talk than action, but the potential for doing considerable damage, with little effort, is there.




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