Counter-Terrorism: It's Not Fair


August 4, 2006: Islamic terrorists believe they have an ideal tactic,
in using civilians as human shields. This tactic is currently being
used by Palestinian terrorists, Hizbollah in Lebanon, al Qaeda in Iraq
and Taliban in Afghanistan. But many of the shields aren't so
terrorized that they won't flee, if given some warning. Israeli and
American troops are providing the warning, and getting results. For
example, the Israelis have dropped leaflets in Lebanon, warning
civilians that buildings holding rockets, or Hizbollah gunmen, will be
attacked. That sparked a large exodus of civilians from southern
Lebanon, as well as some gun battles between Hizbollah, and armed
civilians who opposed Hizbollah attempts to keep people at home, by
force. Dropping leaflets, to warn civilians to get out of a combat
zone, is a practice that goes back to World War II. U.S. troops,
entering Germany in 1945, took that technique one step further when
they discovered that the German telephone system was still working in
many areas. So the G.I.'s, on the lookout for diehard German troops,
would call up the mayor of towns and villages they were about to enter.
The Americans would tell the Germans that if there was any armed
resistance, the town would be destroyed by artillery. But if the
civilians let it be known there were German troops in the town, and
where, or got German troops to leave, the town would not be destroyed.
The Israelis have now adopted this practice in Gaza, where battles with
Palestinian terrorists continues. In cases where an Israeli does not
depend on surprise, the Israelis are calling people in the
neighborhood, and telling they should get out, because the area will
shortly be a combat zone. The terrorists are complaining that this is a
form of psychological warfare, and isn't fair.




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