Counter-Terrorism: Al Qaeda Busts Out


July 31, 2006: Al Qaeda is willing, and able, to take advantage of corrupt counter-terrorism officials. In the past year, there have been escapes, from prisons, of al Qaeda members in Romania and Yemen that involved bribes to security officials. In the Romanian incident, the escaping al Qaeda man (a Syrian), was seen riding in a car with diplomatic license plates. In Yemen, some of the security troops who aided in the al Qaeda escape, did it, not for money, but because they believed in al Qaeda's intentions (world domination of radical Islam.)
All nations holding al Qaeda prisoners have to take precautions to deal with elaborate breakout attempts. Arab, and Moslem, nations have to take additional precautions. The Yemen incident, which resulted in twelve guards being convicted and sent to jail for their part in the escape, was particularly embarrassing. But so was the Romanian one, which appeared to involve participation by a foreign country (Syria and Iran are the usual suspects here.)
There was even a breakout in an American controlled prison in Afghanistan, but this was due to incompetence and sloppiness. That's something else everyone has to watch out for. While over 99 percent of captured al Qaeda members have not been able to escape, it's scary that so many have.




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