Counter-Terrorism: Nowhere to Run


July 28, 2006: European counter-terror efforts continue in high gear, although without much publicity. In the last week. Italian police rounded up at least ten Algerian members of the GSPC. This Islamic terrorist organization was run out of Algeria after it's policy of slaughtering large numbers of civilians, made it too unpopular, and informed on, to survive there. Apparently the reputation of the GSPC in the Algerian expatriate community was not so great. The Islamic terrorists who flee to Europe usually bring their brutal methods with them. While these guys can be warm and fuzzy with like minded Moslems, they tend to be nasty with Moslems who disagree with them, or their methods. Worse, there are a lot more cell phones in Europe, and cell phones are definitely not the Islamic terrorists friend.
The GSPC cell that the Italians broke up was sustaining itself via the manufacture and sale of false documents for illegal immigrants. Most of these crooks tend to be Moslem, and many of them are fleeing Islamic terror in their home countries. Europe is one of the few places Islamic terrorists can flee to for refuge. But Europe is not a risk-free haven.




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