Counter-Terrorism: The Battle of Bangladesh


January 7, 2006: Islamic terrorists have been establishing sanctuaries and training operations in Bangladesh for several years. Bangladesh is one of those Islamic nations that follow a mellower form of the religion. But this has changed over the past few years, as one of the major political coalitions has adopted, or at least tolerated, Islamic radicalism. The major political parties have long used street violence and terror against each other. Now that is being backed up by Islamic radicalism. This led to bombings and assassinations in 2004, but only about twenty incidents. That changed in 2005, when in one day last Summer, over 400 low powered bombs were set off all over the country. That turned public opinion sharply against the Islamic radical bombers. Bangladeshis saw what Islamic terrorists were doing in Iraq, and wanted no part of it. The crackdown on the Islamic terrorists has led the capture, or killing, of dozens of Islamic radicals responsible for the campaign. It also appears to have sharply reduced the number of young men willing to get involved in these terror campaigns. Either as a result of this, or as part of some grand plan, Bangladeshi Islamic terrorists are showing up in India now. These attackers have not been very professional, or effective. Many are being caught. The combined intelligence extracted from captured terrorists in India and Bangladesh revealed connections with terrorists in Indonesia and Bosnia. There has been little terrorist activity in Bosnia, because that Moslem country is too valuable as a way station for Islamic terrorists and organizers trying to get to Europe. Once there, it is possible to raise more money, recruit European Moslems and plan new attacks. Despite the increased activity of European police, Islamic terrorists still see Europe as a sanctuary.




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