Counter-Terrorism: India and Israel Cooperate


June 19, 2007: Israel and India are increasing their cooperation in the fight against Islamic terrorism. India has been suffering from Islamic violence for centuries, but Israel has been at the forefront in developing effective weapons, equipment and tactics to deal with the problem. At the moment, Israeli troops are in Kashmir, sharing their knowledge of how to keep Islamic terrorists from sneaking across borders. Although the Israeli experience is largely related to desert and semi-tropical borders, it is applicable for the mountains and forests more typical of Kashmir as well. The Israeli methods are highly dependent on many types of sensors, and computer software that can "learn" which combination of sensor readings indicate some guys with guns trying to move through an area. Israel has already sold India millions of dollars worth of night vision devices, which the Indians have used with great success against the terrorist line crossers. The Israeli sensors were not always as successful as they should be, and the Israeli trainers and technical experts are now in Kashmir to work out the kinks, and set the stage for some large new sensor sales.

India has been able to supply Israel with a lot of useful intelligence on al Qaeda activities, and what Iran is up to. India has maintained good relations with Iran, which has been a trading partner for thousands of years. In this case, tradition and mutual-need trumps religious differences. India also has a good informant network in Pakistan and Afghanistan.




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