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Surface Forces: Missile Armed Hot Rod
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February 3, 2012: The Indonesian Navy has ordered four X3K trimaran patrol boats [PHOTO]. These 130 ton, triple hull vessels are built of carbon-fiber composite materials and are 62.5 meters (194 feet) long and can operate in as little as three meters (9.3 feet) of water. The trimarans have a top speed of 63 kilometers an hour. Cruising speed is 28 kilometers an hour. Two anti-ship missiles and some machine-guns will be carried. The X3Ks are being built in Indonesia. The main hull is long and thin, while the two other hulls are short and at the rear of the boat. The X3K is a radical design in many ways.


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wastral    At least someone has a clue about technology   2/6/2012 4:47:51 AM
At least someone has a clue about technology.  No reason to go around in outdated steel hulled boats that are a PITA to aintain.
Said CF boats will be far stronger and far better armored than any equivalent massed steel hulled boat.  Once one sets up said CF tape laying machine, creating a structure is a cinch.  Don't even have to autoclave it either.  It doesn't have to meet space or aircraft grade tensile/compression strength. 
Oh yea, said CF boat doesn't show up like the sun on radar either nor does CF attract magnetic mines.  Surprise surprise!
Waiting fora real ship to made with the stuff as its main structure and armor.  At 1/3 the density of steel and nearly the same properties, its a no brainer, except for the fact that "real" navies are owned lock stock and barrel by union thugs who can't force their "treasured" employees to either a) get fired as steel fabricators aren't needed anymore, or b) learn a new trade using CF. 
If there was any justice in this world, the new Ford Class Super Carrier should have been made from this stuff and not steel.  Gotta love defense contractor inertia. 
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