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Surface Forces: A Pimped Out Perry For Pakistan
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August 13, 2009: The U.S. is giving Pakistan a Perry class frigate which, after 30 years service in the U.S. Navy, is being retired. The frigate will undergo $65 million of refurbishment, and the addition of more anti-submarine capabilities, beforehand.

The Perry's are 4,100 ton ships that have a crew of 220 and are armed with a 76mm gun, six tubes for launching Mk 46 anti-submarine torpedoes, and a 20mm auto cannon as anti-missile defense. As built, the Perry's had a missile launcher for SM-1 anti-aircraft or Harpoon anti-ship missiles (from a 40 missile magazine), but these were removed from all U.S. Perrys in 2004. This was done because U.S. allies needed the dwindling supply of SM-1 missiles more than U.S. ships did. The SH-60 helicopters carried by the Perrys could still use their smaller Penguin anti-ship missiles.

The Perrys have air search radar and sonar, and can carry two helicopters. Top speed is 55 kilometers an hour. If built today, the Perry's would cost about $300 million each. Pakistan plans to use its Perry class frigate for the anti-piracy patrol off Somalia.

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eldnah       8/13/2009 12:34:04 PM
The Aussies took their Perrys (Adelaides) a step further. Modifying them to fire SM-2s, Updating radars and sonars and adding a eight cell VLS for ESSMs significantly increasing their capabilities. Certainly worth considering even for the USN if there is enough hull and powerplant life in the ships.   
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