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Surface Forces: Response Boat-Medium
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March 6, 2008: The U.S. Coast Guard has ordered another 18 RB-Ms (Response Boat-Medium), as part of a plan to eventually (in the next eight years) buy 250 of these vessels. Thirty RB-Ms have been built or are on order so far. The Response Boat-Medium is 45 feet long, 14.5 feet wide and displaces 18 tons. It's top speed is over 75 kilometers an hour, and it has sufficient fuel to stay at sea for about eight hours (cruising at about 50 kilometers an hour). The RB-M is for rescue and coastal patrol. It can handle heavy seas (up to 12 foot waves and winds of up to 90 kilometers an hour).  It has a crew of four, and a "survivors compartment" for five passengers.  There are weapons mounts for machine-guns, but these are normally not installed. The RB-M can tow boats of up to a hundred tons. Each one costs about two million dollars.


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sjdoc    Any plans for support element?   3/6/2008 5:28:50 PM
The acquisition of short duration patrol assets like these begs at least one question about supporting elements, notably in-port tenders to facilitate dispersed basing and at-sea replenishment and repair vessels to extend time-on-station capabilities.
Any word on such plans?
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