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Special Operations: Canada Reshuffles the Deck
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February 5, 2007: Canada is reorganizing, expanding and redeploying its principal counter-terrorism force, JTF2 (Joint Task Force 2). The 600 commandos and support personnel are moving from an existing base near the capital, to one in Ontario, near a major airbase. This will enable JTF2 operators to quickly move to any part of the country to deal with terrorist threats. To enhance this ability, JTF2 will also stockpile special equipment at several sites around the country. That way, the troops won't have to haul lots of stuff by air in an emergency. Canada is also forming a Special Forces battalion, and a Marine Commando battalion, to complement current JTF2 forces. The Special Forces unit will, like its American counterpart, work with the armed forces of foreign nations, to provide training and advice on dealing with terrorism. The Marine Commando unit will specialize in seaborne commando operations.

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