Electronic Weapons: IED Detectives Go Ro/Ro


May 15, 2010: Italy has produced a roll on/roll off (ro/ro) electronic warfare module for its C-27J air transport. The module specializes in detecting and defeating roadside bombs (IEDs). The module contains the electronics (hooked up to external antennas) and control consoles. The C-27J can carry standard 463L pallets (224x274 cm/7.3x9 feet), which the module can be mounted on these. The C-27J can carry standard three 463L pallets. Loaded with the modules, the C-27J can stay in the air about seven hours per sortie.

The C-27J (a joint U.S./Italian upgrade of the Italian G-222) is a 28 ton aircraft that can carry nine tons for up to 2,500 kilometers and land on smaller airfields than the C-130 can handle.   Over a hundred C-27Js have been built or ordered, including 78 by the U.S. Army and Air Force.





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