Book Review: The Civil War on the Water: Favorite Stories and Fresh Perspectives from the Historians at Emerging Civil War


by Dwight Sturtevant Hughes and Chris Mackowski, editors

El Dorado Hills, Ca.: Savas Beatie, 2023. Pp. xxx, 305. Illus., maps, notes, index. $32.95. ISBN: 161121629X

Insightful Essays on the Naval Side of the Civil War

It's hard to categorize this neat anthology just out from the folks at "Emerging Civil War." It's not a history of the Civil War on the waters, whether blue, green, or brown. Yet each of the more than 40 short papers – the longest but a dozen pages and some as few as three or four – offers some valuable insights or interesting commentary on the war on the waters, the people, the ships, strategy, naval organization, or other matter related to the war on the waters.

A random sample of the titles of some of the papers will give the reader a pretty good idea of that can be found in these pages:

· "The Civil War Naval Theaters, Near and Far," by Dwight Hughes.

· "Blockade, Privateering, and the 1856 Declaration of Paris," by Neil P. Chatelain.

· "Gunboats USS Tyler and USS Lexington at Shiloh," by Sean Michael Chick.

· "On Dark Nights: Blockade Runners Supplying the Confederacy," by Sarah K. Bierle.

· "Sailors and Slaves in the Civil War," by Dwight Hughes.

· "Robert Smalls and the Daring Capture of Planter," by Scott L. Mingus, Sr.

· "The Less Famous Lees of the Navy," by Caroline Davis & Dwight Hughes.

· "Buchanan at Mobile Bay," by John V. Quarstein.

An informative and often insightful read for anyone curious about the naval side of the war, The Civil War on the Water is also likely to be of value to the more serious student of the subject as well, throwing light on matters often overlooked.



Note: The Civil War on the Water is also available in e-editions.


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Reviewer: A. A. Nofi   

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