Book Review: Patton and His Third Army


by Brenton G. Wallace

Mechanicsburg, Pa.: Stackpole, 2000. . xviii, 232. Illus., maps, tables, append. $14.95 paper. ISBN:0-8117-2896-X

Brig. Gen. Wallace’s Patton and His Third Army originally published in 1946, and here reissued with a new introduction by Martin Blumenson, who calls it a “remarkable memoir,” provides an excellent look at the operations of the Third Army during World War II. Although, as Blumenson points out, the book has some errors, it also provides an insider’s look at how Patton and his army operated, and a lot of interesting little looks at the nature of war in the period. An excellent book to give to someone who is interested in learning something about the war, but who has very little background in the subject.
Reviewer: A. A. Nofi   

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