On Point: 2019

The Stakes in Congo: Lives and LifestyleChina's Commercial Spies Encounter BlowbackVenezuela's Opposition Is Now a Serious Threat to Maduro
Bolton's Notepad and America's Venezuelan Policy CocktailProtecting Chokepoints Remains a Key Strategic Challenge Russian Hostile Meddling Backfires in Northern Europe
Background to the Trump-Kim Hanoi SummitSpecial - The Trump Administration Pours North Korea a Power Cocktail: American Coordinated Coercive Diplomacy Operations to Denuclearize the Korean Peninsula, 2017 - 2018Stop the F-35 Deal With Erdogan's Turkey
Sanctions and New Military Tech Threaten North Korea's Nuclear ThreatRussia's Crimea Invasion Imperils 21st-Century PeaceThe National Security Impact of Mueller's Russia Investigation
NATO's 21st-Century ValueManila's Beijing Bromance Wrecks on Pag-asa IslandVenezuela's Maduro Starves His Own People
Background to Sri Lanka's Easter Terror AtrocitiesSudan's Protestors Now Confront the Military Transitional CouncilChina's Communist Dictatorship Targets American Creativity
Congo's Global Epidemic WarIran's Proxy Armies Become a Regime Liability30 Years Later, the Tiananmen Tiger Still Stalks Communist China's Dragon
Westphalia and the South China Sea So Far, Trade War 2019 Risks Red Ink, Not BloodAttention Media Hysterics: Iran's Dictatorship Declared War on America 40 Years Ago
Good News for NATO: Turk Voters Reject Erdogan's Ego-Sultan RegimeTurkey's Latest Libyan War Recalls 1911Hong Kong Confronts China With Information Age Political Battles
In Anarchic Somalia, the Global War on Terror ContinuesFracking Ayatollah Iran's Oil WeaponDeep Fakes and the New Age of Deception
China's Great Oppressor Reality Subverts Its Great Power AspirationsDiplomatically Countering Threats to Arctic Real EstateHong Kong Confronts Beijing's Disinformation Tweets
Protecting American Combat Technology: The Turkish F-35 SagaHong Kong Moves From Protests to Civil Unrest As China Threatens InterventionTrade War a Weapon Against China's Spy War
Proxies and Proximity: Iranian Drone Attacks on Saudi OilInvoking the Rio Treaty Diplomatically Attacks Venezuela's DictatorshipHong Kong's Protests Shame Red China's Parade -- Does This Mean War?
Algeria's 'Smile Revolution' Boils Below the RadarAmerica's Individual-Sanctions Weapon: Economic and Diplomatic Warfare Power With an Information EdgeAl-Baghdadi's Death as Counterterror Information Warfare
The Fort Hood Terror Attack As Bitter HistoryHong Kong in History's LensAmerica's Home Front Is a Complex War Zone
Hong Kong's Ballots Challenge Chairman Mao's Gun BarrelsTrump's Canny Diplomatic and Psychological Feints on the International StageAyatollah Iran's Bloody December
North America's Influential Energy Diplomacy2019's Year of Global ProtestsKim Jong Un, Choose Your Future
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