On Point: 2018

The Ayatollahs' Brittle Regime Confronts A New Iranian RevoltThe 2018 Korean War OlympiadLearning From Hawaii's False Missile Attack Fiasco
Disputing China's Spurious Territorial Claims in the South China SeaChina Prepares to Win 'Informationized Local Wars'Is the Greece-Macedonia 'Name War' Finally Ending?
The Director of National Intelligence Assesses America's Complex Threat EnvironmentKremlin Covert Influence Operations Target More Than U.S. ElectionsChina's Emperor Xi Rides The Tiananmen Tiger
Hard In Either Direction As North Korea Prepares To Discuss DenuclearizationIs Russia's Nerve Gas Attack in Great Britain An Act of War?The Kremlin's Reckless Self-Image Problem
Weaponized Narratives Go to WarThe Indo-Pacific Quad Confronts China Wars for the Minerals Your Cellphone and Prius Need
Time to Fix the Flaws in the Deceitful Iran Nuclear DealThe Trump Administration's Korea Diplomacy Timeline Good Riddance To The Flawed Iran Deal
The North Korean Dictatorship's Tart of the DealIsraeli Bombs Spotlight Iran's Syrian Gray Zone WarChina's Belt and Road Initiative, Camouflaged in Silk
The Deep History Behind the Trump-Kim Singapore SummitThe Violent Stagnation in Eastern Ukraine ContinuesYemen's Seaport Battle for Food and the Future
Iran's Internal ClashSweden Prepares For Russian AggressionTurkey Should Nix Russian S-400 Missiles
Imperialist Ventures in Sub-Saharan AfricaMeanwhile, Back in SomaliaYemen's Little Wars and Opportunistic Arrangements
Defending NATO's East: Rapid Reinforcement or Forward Deployment?Will Venezuela Explode Before It Implodes?The Population Threat to China's Prosperity
McCaul and McRaven Discuss Food Insecurity and National SecurityThe US-Mexico-Canada Trade Deal Is a Weapon Against Chinese ImperialismIraq's New Government Confronts Iran and Corruption
Bringing North Korea to the Nuclear Point of No ReturnRefugee Waves and Migrant MarchesChina Prepares for Hot War and Long Struggle
Horsemen of the Apocalypse: War and Ebola in Eastern CongoTo Deter China, India Joins the 'Nuclear Triad' ClubRussia's Pinprick War in Ukraine Has Global Implications
Russia's War with Ukraine Goes to SeaMexico's New President Confronts Violence and ImpunitySecDef Mattis and India's Sitharaman Conduct Meaningful Public Diplomacy
Congo's December Elections and Your LifestyleWaging Peace on Earth: Two Comparative VignettesThe Big Story of 2018 is the Trump Administration's Korean Diplomatic Initiative
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