On Point: The Southern Border Is a Hybrid War Zone

by Austin Bay
March 15, 2023

The March 12 Incident On The Paso Del Norte Bridge confirms the U.S.-Mexico border is once again a war zone.

The March 12 Incident is an outrage that demonstrates the U.S. is currently under continuous hybrid war assault.

The hybrid war's current weapons: deadly drugs (fentanyl), human trafficking (to include child sex and work slavery), migrants sapping social welfare dollars budgeted for deprived American citizens and noncitizens voting illegally.

Illegal votes equal hijacked U.S. elections.

Don't exclude these horrors: enemies evading border controls to spread infectious diseases and terrorists masked as illegal aliens who use porous and undefended borders to enter the U.S. and embed as "sleeper agents" for future enemy action.

Video cameras on the Mexican side captured the human wave assault's initial surge. A swarming thousand -- overwhelmingly male -- funnels into the bridge and below a sign reading "Feliz Viaje" (bon voyage) attempt to physically overrun security personnel and break into the U.S.

The personnel to mob would crush and stomp: Border Patrol agents, local and state police -- blue-collar American citizens with badges suddenly outnumbered 10 to one and defending the U.S. from invasion.

A justified question: If the American security personnel under human wave assault had fired a shot, would President Joe Biden have called them bigoted "racistracistracists"?

In 2021 Biden excoriated innocent Border Patrol agents with leftist epithets. Recall the agents were reining horses, not whipping illegal Haitian immigrants. But Biden condemned his own police and promised they'd "pay" for... pay for doing their job responsibly and with restraint.

Apparently, no shots were fired March 12. Media report U.S. and Mexican security officers used their physical presence (their bodies) to stop the human wave.

Rep. Tony Gonzales, R-Texas, told Fox News Digital that Mexican drug cartel propaganda spurred the attack. He said the crowd had heard March 12 was the "Day of the Migrants." They would be "allowed in the United States via the port of entry." The mob "essentially overran the port, at least on the Mexican side," Gonzales said; "...disinformation just gets spun and it becomes a dangerous situation for everybody."

Disinformation happens a lot in America. The chief culprit is leftist media corruption. Evidence: three years of Hillary Clinton's "RussiaRussiaRussia" lies that won a Pulitzer Prize.

Gonzales added Biden needs to "show action" on the border and "words" won't address the crisis. Gonzales also wants to "label cartels as terrorist organizations."

They are terrorists, but they are also enemy allies in a broader war. I called the March 12 Incident an act of hybrid war. Various media reports claim Mexican drug cartels perpetrated the Day of the Migrants lie. The bridge assault would distract American security so cartel operatives could smuggle drugs and people in undefended border sectors.

Here's a hint as to the big enemy: An unarmed thousand-man rush invasion is somewhat comparable to China's sea militia schtick -- poor, unarmed fishermen claiming fishing rights in Filipino waters. Unarmed men provide plausible deniability and a feel-sorry story bribed media propagandists will tout as evidence of capitalist callousness or "racistracistracist."

In June 2019 StrategyPage.com reported that nongovernmental organizations that support unrestricted migration into America had cooperated with Mexican cartels to bring illegal aliens into the U.S. Moreover, in the 1990s Chinese syndicates nicknamed "snakeheads" began moving "illegals in large numbers" into North America. "Nearly three decades later the mechanics of these international people smuggling operations were well known and when the conditions were right the international angle showed up again..."

Right -- communist China. China is the world's primary source of fentanyl. Beijing either ships directly to the U.S. or smuggles it via Mexico.

In 2017 the National Interest sardonically called China's strategy the "Reverse Opium War." From 1839-1842 China's Qing dynasty went to war with Britain to stop the Brits from selling opium in China. The drug threatened Chinese social cohesion.

Illegal entrance into the U.S. violates just laws that protect American citizens. Trafficking illegal drugs is criminal. From April 2020 to April 2021, over 100,000 Americans died of drug overdoses, and fentanyl was involved in two-thirds of the deaths. That's not just an attack on social cohesion. That's mass murder.

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