On Point: Consequences: A Rapid US Military Withdrawal From Iraq

by Austin Bay
April 25, 2008 

In February 2007, the ArenaUSA (headquartered in Hollywood, California) asked me to speculate on the possible outcomes of "a rapid US and coalition military withdrawal from Iraq." My analysis produced seven potential outcomes, seven "scenarios" to use the military lingo. The scenarios, which are not mutually exclusive, are "future histories" describing Iraq, the Middle East, and to an extent, the global political consequences of a rapid coalition military withdrawal from Iraq in mid to late 2007.

Consequences is an important word. In June 2007 ArenaUSA filmed the pilot episode of what could well be the Internet's first "convergence media" video series. The video is 22 minutes long (perfectly timed --drop in advertising and you have a 30-minute Discovery Channel or History Channel-type program). The series is titled "Consequences." The pilot episode is titled "Consequences: A Rapid US Military Withdrawal From Iraq."

ArenaUSA finished the pilot video last fall but as viewers will quickly discover the video is only part of a "convergence media" program.  

ArenaUSA's betasite went online in early April, with the pilot episode as a special feature. Understand the triggering event posited in the program -- a rapid withdrawal-- has not occurred. However, the "future histories" will give the thoughtful viewer pause.   

In the next month or so ArenaUSA will update the video ---the ArenaUSA's unique software package makes it easy to add updates and even video comments. 

I encourage StrategyPage readers to register. Registration will let intrested viewers access additional short video and audio programs.

VIDEO: Consequences: A Rapid US Military Withdrawal From Iraq hosted by Austin Bay.
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