Book Reviews 2016

Calamity in Carolina: The Battles of Averasboro and Bentonville, March 1865
December 30
My War in Italy: On the Ground and in Flight with the 15th Air Force
December 28
Bondarchuk's War and Peace: Literary Classic to Soviet Cinematic Epic
December 26
Wilfred Owen
December 23
A Rebel War Clerk's Diary: At the Confederate States Capital, Vol. II: August 1863-April 1865
December 21
A Rebel War Clerk's Diary: At the Confederate States Capital, Vol. I: April 1861-July 1863
December 21
Speer: Hitler's Architect
December 19
American Crimes and the Liberation of Paris: Robbery, Rape and Murder by Renegade GIs 1944-1947
December 17
Churchill, Kitchener & Lloyd George: First World Warlords
December 15
Lincoln's Final Hours: Conspiracy, Terror, and the Assassination of America's Greatest President
December 13
History of the Maginot Line
December 11
Winston Churchill Reporting: Adventures of a Young War Correspondent
December 06
The Civil War in Missouri: A Military History
December 04
MacArthur's Korean War Generals
December 02
In the Fields and the Trenches: The Famous and the Forgotten on the Battlefields of World War I
November 30
Hollywood Presents Jules Verne: The Father of Science Fiction on Screen
November 28
Victoria's Scottish Lion: The Life of Colin Campbell, Lord Clyde
November 26
Teacher of Civil War Generals: Major General Charles Ferguson Smith, Soldier and West Point Commandant
November 22
Health of the Seventh Cavalry: A Medical History
November 20
Torch: North Africa and the Allied Path to Victory
November 18
A Powerful Mind: The Self-Education of George Washington
November 16
German Propaganda and U.S. Neutrality in World War I
November 14
Machiavelli's Legacy: The Prince After Five Hundred Years
November 10
Fight Like the Devil: The First Day at Gettysburg, July 1, 1863
November 08
24 Hours at Waterloo 18 June 1815: Eyewitness Accounts from the Battle
November 05
Somme: Into the Breach
November 03
Democracy's Beginning: The Athenian Story
November 02
General David S. Stanley, USA: A Civil War Biography
October 31
Churchill Comes of Age: Cuba 1895
October 29
Storming the City: U.S. Military Performance in Urban Warfare from World War II to Vietnam
October 27
Citizen-Officers: The Union and Confederate Volunteer Junior Officer Corps in the American Civil War
October 25
In Nelson's Wake: The Navy and the Napoleonic Wars
October 21
The Man Who Captured Washington: Major General Robert Ross and the War of 1812
October 18
SPQR: A Roman Miscellany
October 16
The Sailor's Homer: The Life and Times of Richard McKenna, Author of The Sand Pebbles
October 14
Spearhead of the Fifth Army: The 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment in Italy, from the Winter Line to Anzio
October 12
Les Parisiennes: How the Women of Paris Lived, Loved, and Died Under Nazi Occupation
October 10
Californio Lancers: The 1st Battalion of Native Cavalry in the Far West, 1863-1866
October 09
Wellington's Hidden Heroes: The Dutch and the Belgians at Waterloo
October 07
The British Battleship: 1906-1946
October 05
Martial Bliss.: The Story of The Military Bookman
October 03
Kingdom Overthrown: Ireland and the Battle for Europe, 1688-1691
October 01
Bacteria and Bayonets: The Impact of Disease in American Military History
September 29
SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome
September 27
From Imperial Splendor to Internment: The German Navy in the First World War
September 25
Gold Run: The Rescue of Norway's Gold Bullion from the Nazis, 1940
September 23
The Great War at Sea: A Naval Atlas, 1914-1919
September 21
From Broomsticks to Battlefields: The Cadets of Delaware Military Academy in the Civil War and Beyond
September 19
The Civil War Diary of Gideon Welles, Lincoln's Secretary of the Navy: The Original Manuscript Edition
September 14
African American Army Officers of World War I: A Vanguard of Equality in War and Beyond
September 12
Lincoln's Trident: The West Gulf Blockading Squadron during the Civil War
September 10
Thunder and Flames: Americans in the Crucible of Combat, 1917-1918
September 08
Civil War Biographies from the Western Waters: 956 Confederate and Union Naval and Military Personnel, Contractors, Politicians, Officials, Steamboat Pilots and Others
September 06
The Russian Army in the Great War: The Eastern Front, 1914-1917
September 04
The Gray Fox: George Crook and the Indian Wars
September 02
Elusive Alliance: The German Occupation of Poland in World War I
August 31
Mary Lincoln: Southern Girl, Northern Woman
August 28
Stemming the Tide: Officers and Leadership in the British Expeditionary Force, 1914
August 25
Ghost Patrol: A History of the Long Range Desert Group, 1940 - 1945
August 23
Spring 1865: The Closing Campaigns of the Civil War
August 21
MI5 at War 1909-1918: How MI5 Foiled the Spies of the Kaiser in the First World War
August 19
The Battle of Ezra Church and the Struggle for Atlanta
August 17
Remembering the First World War
August 15
The Battle of Petersburg, June 15-18, 1864
August 11
General Lesley J. McNair: Unsung Architect of the U. S. Army
August 09
Joe, the Slave Who Became an Alamo Legend
August 07
No Pyrrhic Victories: The 1918 Raids on Zeebrugge and Ostend - a Radical Reappraisal
August 05
Yangtze Showdown: China and the Ordeal of HMS Amethyst
August 03
"Stand to It and Give Them Hell": Gettysburg as the Soldiers Experienced it From Cemetery Ridge to Little Round Top, July 2, 1863
July 30
Big Gun Battles: Warship Duels of the Second World War
July 28
Seventeen Fathoms Deep: The Saga of the Submarine S-4 Disaster
July 26
The Vicksburg Campaign: Strategy, Battles and Key Figures
July 24

July 24
A Scientific Way of War: Antebellum Military Science, West Point, and the Origins of American Military Thought
July 22
Muslims and Crusaders: Christianity's Wars in the Middle East, 1095-1382, from the Islamic Sources
July 20
Mexico and the Spanish Civil War: Political Repercussions for the Republican Cause
July 18
German U-Boat Losses During World War II: Details of Destruction
July 15
Wellington: Waterloo and the Fortunes of Peace 1814–1852
July 13
"We Never Retreat": Filibustering Expeditions into Spanish Texas, 1812-1822
July 11
Gallipoli: Command Under Fire
July 09
Mark Antony: A Plain Blunt Man
July 06
The Battle of Lake Champlain: A "Brilliant and Extraordinary Victory"
July 04
The Viking Diaspora
July 02
The Battle for Britain: Interservice Rivalry between the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy, 1909-1940
June 30
The Yellowhammer War: The Civil War and Reconstruction in Alabama
June 28
European Armies of the French Revolution, 1789-1802
June 26
Legions in Crisis: Transformation of the Roman Soldier AD 192-284
June 24
For God and Kaiser: The Imperial Austrian Army, 1619-1918
June 22
Medieval Maritime Warfare
June 20
The Admirals -- Nimitz, Halsey, Leahy, and King: The Five-Star Admirals Who Won the War at Sea
June 18
Nanjing 1937: Battle for a Doomed City
June 16
Procopius of Caesarea: Tyranny, History, and Philosophy at the End of Antiquity
June 14
The Great Call-Up: The Guard, the Border, and the Mexican Revolution
June 12
Franco's Crypt: Spanish Culture and Memory Since 1936
June 10
Barbarian Tides: The Migration Age and the Later Roman Empire
June 06
The Frozen Chosen: The 1st Marine Division and the Battle of the Chosin Reservoir
June 04
German Battlecruisers of World War One: Their Design, Construction and Operations
June 02
The Unknown Travels and Dubious Pursuits of William Clark
May 30
The Great War at Sea: A Naval History of the First World War
May 28
Legendary Rivals: Collegiality and Ambition in the Tales of Early Rome
May 26
The Baltimore Sabotage Cell: German Agents, American Traitors, and the U-boat Deutschland During World War I
May 23
The Grand Strategy of Classical Sparta: The Persian Challenge
May 21
The Somme Chronicles: South Africans on the Western Front, 1916
May 19
The Red Army and the Great Terror: Stalin's Purge of the Soviet Military
May 17
The Truce: The Day the War Stopped
May 15
The Mediterranean Air War: Airpower and Allied Victory in World War II
May 13
The Finnish Civil War, 1918: History, Memory, Legacy
May 11
Fighting the Great War at Sea: Strategy, Tactics and Technology
May 09
Fallen Never Forgotten: Vietnam Memorials in the USA
May 07
The Second World War
May 05
100 Days to Victory: How the Great War Was Fought and Won 1914-1918
May 03
Harlem’s Rattlers and the Great War: The Undaunted 369th Regiment and the African American Quest for Equality
April 30
Americans at War in Foreign Forces: A History, 1914-1945
April 28
Sino-Japanese Naval War 1894-1895
April 25
No Labour, No Battle: Military Labour During the First World War
April 23
The Battle of Maida, 1806: Fifteen Minutes of Glory
April 21
South Pacific Cauldron: World War II's Great Forgotten Battlegrounds
April 19
Frederick the Great and the Seven Years’ War, 1759-1763
April 17
Battleship Ramillies: The Final Salvo
April 14
Stopping the Panzers: The Untold Story of D-Day
April 11
Other Fronts, Other Wars? First World War Studies on the Eve of the Centennial
April 08
Antiochus the Great
April 06
A Doctor in The Great War: Unseen Photographs of Life in the Trenches
March 31
British Aircraft Carriers: Design, Development and Service Histories
March 28
Wars of Latin America, 1948-1982: The Rise of the Guerrillas
March 24
Women in the Peninsular War
March 21
The Battle of Marathon in Scholarship: Research, Theories and Controversies Since 1850
March 18
For Brotherhood and Duty: The Civil War History of the West Point Class of 1862
March 15
Imperial Germany and the Great War, 1914-1918
March 12
Armies of Bismarck's Wars: The Army of Prussia-History, Uniforms and Equipment, 1860-1867
March 09
Attack Transport: USS Charles Carroll in World War II
March 07
Wealth of an Empire: The Treasure Shipments that Saved Britain and the World
March 04
The Roman Navy: Ships, Men & Warfare 350 BC - AD 475
March 01
'El Proyecto Macnamara': The Maverick Irish Priest and the Race to Seize California 1844-1846
February 28
Home Squadron: The U.S. Navy on the North Atlantic Station
February 25
The Last Ironsides: The English Expedition to Portugal, 1662-1668
February 23
Rebels in the Rockies: Confederate Irregulars in the Western Territories
February 18
The Pacific War and Contingent Victory: Why Japanese Defeat Was Not Inevitable
February 15
Connecticut Unscathed: Victory in the Great Narragansett War, 1675–1676
February 12
Law, Language, and Empire in the Roman Tradition
February 09
Leadership in War: From Lincoln to Churchill
February 07
The Deluge: The Great War, America and the Remaking of the Global Order, 1916-1931
February 04
Field Marshal: The Life and Death of Erwin Rommel
February 02
The Peninsula Campaign and the Necessity of Emancipation: African Americans and the Fight for Freedom
January 29
The Rome that Did Not Fall: The Survival of the East in the Fifth Century
January 26
Projecting Britain at War: The National Character in British World War II Films
January 24
Nature's Civil War: Common Soldiers and the Environment in 1862 Virginia
January 21
Hitler and America
January 18
Ghosts of the ETO: American Tactical Deception Units in the European Theater, 1944 - 1945
January 16
Valuing the Past in the Greco-Roman World: Proceedings from the Penn-Leiden Colloquia on Ancient Values VII
January 13
Trial by Gas: The British Army at the Second Battle of Ypres
January 07
Governments in Exile and the Jews During World War II
January 05
Churchill's School For Saboteurs: Station 17
January 02



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