Book Reviews 2014

The Sinking of the Laconia and the U-Boat War: Disaster in the Mid-Atlantic
December 06
Pearl Harbor: Selected Testimonies, Fully Indexed, from the Congressional Hearings (1945-1946) and Prior Investigations of the Events Leading Up to the Attack
November 29
The Last Legionary: Life as a Roman Soldier in Britain, AD 400
November 27
Command Decisions: Langsdorff and the Battle of the River Plate
November 24
Barksdale's Charge: The True High Tide of the Confederacy at Gettysburg, July 2, 1863
November 22
Nothing Less Than War: A New History of America's Entry into World War I
November 20
British Liberators in the Age of Napoleon: Volunteering under the Spanish Flag in the Peninsular War
November 18
Richmond Must Fall: The Richmond-Petersburg Campaign, October 1864
November 16
Practicing Stalinism: Bolsheviks, Boyars, and the Persistence of Tradition
November 13
Galerius and the Will of Diocletian
November 11
Crisis Management during the Roman Republic: The Role of Political Institutions in Emergencies
November 06
The British Imperial Army in the Middle East: Morale and Military Identity in the Sinai and Palestine Campaigns, 1916-18
November 04
The Timberclads in the Civil War: The Lexington, Conestoga and Tyler on the Western Waters
November 03
Samurai War Stories: Teachings and Tales of Samurai Warfare
October 31
Viriathus: and the Lusitanian Resistance to Rome 155-139 BC
October 27
The American Expeditionary Force in World War I: A Statistical History, 1917-1918
October 22
The Frontiers of the Roman Empire
October 17
Army at Home: Women and the Civil War on the Northern Home Front
October 15
Defending Heaven: China's Mongol Wars, 1209-1370
October 08
Fighting Back: British Jewry's Military Contribution to the Second World War
October 06
The British Army in Italy, 1917-1918
September 29
Furies: War in Europe, 1450-1700
September 27
Los Angeles in Civil War Days, 1860-1865
September 25
The Military and Colonial Destruction of the Roman Landscape of North Africa, 1830-1900
September 23
"Casualty Projections for the U.S. Invasions of Japan, 1945-1946: Planning and Policy Implications"
September 16
At War in Distant Waters: British Colonial Defense in the Great War
September 15
Captives in Blue: The Civil War Prisons of the Confederacy
September 11
Neither Victor nor Vanquished: America in the War of 1812
September 08
Athens, Thrace, and the Shaping of Athenian Leadership
September 06
Sickness, Suffering, and the Sword: The British Regiment on Campaign, 1808-1815
September 04
D-Day Encyclopedia: Everything You Want to Know About the Normandy Invasion
September 01
'Unsinkable': Churchill and the First World War
August 30
The Men Who Lost America: British Leadership, the American Revolution, and the Fate of the Empire
August 28
Rituals of Triumph in the Mediterranean World
August 26
Kennesaw Mountain: Sherman, Johnston, and the Atlanta Campaign
August 25
Changing War: The British Army, the Hundred Days Campaign, and the Birth of the Royal Air Force, 1918
August 23
Loyalty Betrayed: Jewish Chaplains in the German Army During the First World War
August 21
The Hundred Day Winter War: Finland's Gallant Stand against the Soviet Army
August 18
Colonels in Blue-Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee: A Civil War Biographical Dictionary
August 16
Out of Sight, Out of Mind: The Royal Australian Navy's Role, Vietnam, 1965-1972
August 14
Churchill and Sea Power
August 12
The Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours
August 11
The French Army's Tank Force and Armoured Warfare in the Great War: The Artillerie Speciale
August 09
America's Corporal: James Tanner in War and Peace
August 07
Airship: Design, Development and Disaster
August 04
Peacekeepers and Conquerors: The Army Officer Corps on the American Frontier, 1821-1846
August 01
Living on the Western Front: Annals and Stories, 1914-1919
July 28
Debating War in Chinese History
July 25
The Tigress of Forli: Renaissance Italy's Most Courageous and Notorious Countess, Caterina Riario Sforza de' Medici
July 24
The Marshals of Alexander's Empire
July 22
July 1914: Countdown to War
July 21
Hoax: Hitler's Diaries, Lincoln's Assassins, and Other Famous Frauds
July 20
Yankee Dutchmen Under Fire: Civil War Letters from the 82nd Illinois Infantry
July 17
The Army in British India: From Colonial Warfare to Total War 1857 - 1947
July 15
The Ancient Sailing Season
July 14
Crisis in the Mediterranean: Naval Competition and Great Power Politics, 1904-1914
July 12
The Republican Army in the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939
July 10
War in Afghanistan: A Short History of Eighty Wars and Conflicts in Afghanistan and the North-West Frontier 1839-2011
July 08
Germany and the Causes of the First World War
July 06
Organizing Victory: The War Conferences, 1941-1945
July 05
Army at Home: Women and the Civil War on the Northern Home Front
July 04

July 03
Defending Neutrality: The Netherlands Prepares for War, 1900-1925
July 03
Between Flesh and Steel: A History of Military Medicine from the Middle Ages to the War in Afghanistan
July 01
The Great War for Peace
June 30
The Wars for Asia, 1911-1949
June 28
The Great War: Myth and Memory
June 27

June 27
Beyond the Gates of Fire: New Perspectives on the Battle of Thermopylae
June 24
The Fascists and the Jews of Italy: Mussolini's Race Laws, 1938-1943
June 23
The Edwardian Army: Recruiting. Training. and Deploying the British Army. 1902-1914
June 20
Horses and Mules in the Civil War: A Complete History with a Roster of More Than 700 War Horses
June 19
The Other Side of the Wire, Vol II, Battle of the Somme with the German XIV Reserve Corps
June 16
The Other Side of the Wire, Vol. I, With the German XIV Reserve Corps on the Somme, September 1914 - June 1916
June 12
The Trojan War
June 12
Twelve Turning Points of the Second World War
June 09
Tolkien and the Peril of War
June 07
The Sword of Rome: A Biography of Marcus Claudius Marcellus
June 05
Operation KE: The Cactus Air Force and the Japanese Withdrawal from Guadalcanal
June 02
The Oxford Illustrated History of the First World War: New Edition
May 31
Dog Company: The Boys of Pointe du Hoc--the Rangers Who Accomplished D-Day's Toughest Mission and Led the Way across Europe
May 29
The Holy Roman Empire, 1495-1806: A European Perspective
May 22
To Crown the Waves: The Great Navies of the First World War
May 20
For Crew and Country: The Inspirational True Story of Bravery and Sacrifice Aboard the USS Samuel B. Roberts
May 16
The Hunters and the Hunted: The Elimination of German Surface Warships around the World 1914-15
May 15
Under the Heel of Bushido: Last Voices of the Jewish POWs of the Japanese in the Second World War
May 13
A Mad Catastrophe: The Outbreak of World War I and the Collapse of the Habsburg Empire
May 12
The End of Sparta: A Novel
May 10
Exposing the Third Reich: Colonel Truman Smith in Hitler's Germany
May 08
The Zimmermann Telegram: Intelligence, Diplomacy, and America's Entry into World War I
May 05
A Storm of Spears: Understanding the Greek Hoplite in Action
May 03
The Making of the First World War
May 01
Dragon Storm: China invades Taiwan
April 28
Reinventing Warfare 1914-18: Novel Munitions and Tactics of Trench Warfare
April 26
Offa and the Mercian Wars: The Rise and Fall of the First Great English Kingdom
April 24
Avoiding Armageddon: From the Great War to the Fall of France, 1918-40
April 21
The Seven Years' War: Global Views
April 19
The Rocky Road to the Great War: The Evolution of Trench Warfare to 1914
April 17
Latin American Dictators of the 20th Century: The Lives and Regimes of 15 Rulers
April 15
The Julio-Claudian Succession: Reality and Perception of the "Augustan Model"
April 10
Exorcising Hitler: The Occupation and Denazification of Germany
April 08
Another Life: Lawrence After Arabia
April 05
A Companion to Women's Military History
March 31
The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914
March 29
The Trident Deception
March 27
The Tyrants of Syracuse: War in Ancient Sicily, Vol. II, 367-211 BC
March 25
The Tyrants of Syracuse: War in Ancient Sicily, Vol I, 480-367 BC
March 25
Allied Master Strategists: The Combined Chiefs of Staff in World War II
March 22
Women and the Texas Revolution
March 20
England and Scotland at War, c.1296-c.1513
March 18
Three German Invasions of France, The Summer Campaigns of 1870, 1914, and 1940
March 17
Bracketing the Enemy: Forward Observers in World War II
March 15
Philosopher-Kings of Antiquity
March 13
Navies and State Formation: The Schumpeter Hypothesis Revisited and Reflected
March 11
The British Field Marshals, 1736-1997: A Biographical Dictionary
March 08
Embers of War: The Fall of an Empire and the Making of America's Vietnam
March 06
Defending Whose Country?: Indigenous Soldiers in the Pacific War
March 04
Hybrid Warfare: Fighting Complex Opponents to the Present
March 03
Elusive Dove: The Search for Peace During World War I
March 01
A Companion to Roman Imperialism
February 27
American Girls, Beer, and Glenn Miller: GI Morale in World War II
February 25
Young Titan: The Making of Winston Churchill
February 24
Fratricide in Battle: (Un)Friendly Fire
February 22
Bismarck's First War: The Campaign of Schleswig and Jutland, 1864
February 21
Monty's Men: The British Army and the Liberation of Europe
February 18
Jackson's Sword: The Army Officer Corps on the American Frontier, 1810-1821
February 17
Siege Warfare and Military Organization in the Successor States (400-800 AD), Byzantium, the West and Islam
February 15
Khedive Ismail's Army
February 13
America's Black Sea Fleet: The U.S. Navy Amidst War and Revolution, 1919-1923
February 11
February 10
Dance of the Furies: Europe and the Outbreak of World War I
February 08
Castro's Secrets: Cuban Intelligence, the CIA, and the Assassination of John F. Kennedy
February 06
Brill's Encyclopedia of the First World War
February 04
The Measure of a Man: My Father, the Marine Corps, and Saipan
February 03
The Black Count: Glory, Revolution, Betrayal, and the Real Count of Monte Cristo
February 01
Benedict Arnold in the Company of Heroes: The Lives of the Extraordinary Patriots Who Followed Arnold to Canada at the Start of the American Revolution
January 30
Aineias the Tactician: How to Survive Under Siege
January 28
George Rogers Clark: "I Glory in War"
January 25
The U.S. Army in World War II
January 24
American Naval History, 1607-1865: Overcoming the Colonial Legacy
January 20
All Hands: The Lower Deck of the Royal Navy Since 1939
January 18
Aetius: Attila's Nemesis
January 16
The Projection and Limitations of Imperial Powers, 1618-1850
January 14
William B. Cushing in the Far East: A Civil War Naval Hero Abroad, 1865-1869
January 13
World War I: The Global Revolution
January 11
Tower: An Epic History of the Tower of London
January 09
The Election of 1860 Reconsidered
January 06



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