Military Photo: TransProtec Armored Freight Container


Iraq is not the only area where unrest has made it difficult for civilians to move around. In an effort to deal with that problem, a German firm has developed a modified shipping container that can transport up to 18 persons (and their equipment or luggage) in air conditioned, and armored, comfort. The 20x8x8 foot container has doors, windows, armor, seats and air conditioning added. Any truck that can carry these standard containers can carry the "TransProtec." Tests have shown the armored box will also protect against explosions (as in road side bombs). While Iraq was one inspiration for the "TransProtec," the manufacturer believes that peacekeeping, and relief efforts in dangerous areas, will provide a long term market. "TransProtec" will probably be leased out to organizations in need of it. Naturally, it can be easily shipped by air or sea, in anything that can handle the standard shipping containers. The "TransProtec" can easily be reconfigured to carry casualties, as well as cargo.

Posted: 08/01/2005

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