Military Photo: New US Air Force Camouflage Pattern

Posted: 01/01/2005

The U.S. Air Force has, for about a year, been testing a new work uniform that employs a new camouflage pattern. But feedback from the troops indicated dissatisfaction with the color pattern used. The main complaints was that it looked too much like the woodland pattern used by the army and marines. So the air force is now testing a different color pattern. The first pattern was deep blue, gray and green. The new one is a more subdued mix of tan, blue and two shades of green. Moreover, the camouflage pattern is now pixilated, which makes it more difficult for the human eye to make out exactly where someone wearing the uniform is against most backgrounds. But the majority of air force users are more concerned with the fact that the uniforms are wash and wear (permapress) and come in a large variety of sizes. However, over 40,000 air force personnel involved in base security, and carrying weapons, could have a need for a camouflage uniform, as would several thousand serving in combat zones overseas. While these men and women are support troops, they carry weapons and often have to move through hostile territory. The majority of air force personnel will simply regard the new uniform as a reminder that, despite the fact that they work in an office or aircraft hangar, they are still in the military.

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