Winning: Turkey And Iran Defeat The Kurds


November 13, 2008: Two years ago, Turkey and Iran established a bilateral commission to combat Kurdish separatists rebels. In effect, the two countries cooperated to fight the Turkish PKK rebels and the Iranian PEJAK. In addition to sharing intelligence, there were some joint operations, with Turkish and Iranian forces operating together against Kurdish separatist gunmen and bases. Apparently this hurt PEJAK enough so that the organization has renounced armed violence, and turned more to political activism to improve conditions for Iranian Kurds. This can be interpreted as an effort to build a stronger base of support, before returning to armed resistance. But it still counts as a win for Iran. However, there's a catch. PEJAK also wants to develop closer relationships with the PKK, which is still battling the Turks. Apparently PEJAK has not renounced violence forever.

There are seven million Kurds Iran, six million Kurds live in Iraq, two million in Syria, two million in Pakistan about 14 million in Turkey and another two million scattered around the world. Despite thousands of years of efforts, the Kurds have never been able to establish their own Kurdish state.




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