Winning: Al Qaeda Leader Punked


May 15,2008: The head of al Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Ayyub al Masri, just got demoted. The U.S. reward for his capture, dead or alive, was reduced from $5 million to $100,000. There's been no response to this from mister al Masri, but one can assume that he is not happy. It's difficult to keep track of who is winning in the war on terror. But one measure of success is the size of the rewards offered for terrorist leaders. High rewards indicate a dangerous man. On the downside, those rewards require the guy in question has to be careful with where he goes and who he associates with. Earlier this month, Iraqi police thought they had arrested al Masri, but it turned out to be a case of mistaken identity. That incident apparently caused the U.S. to review its rewards policy for al Qaeda officials in Iraq. It's been a bad year for al Qaeda there, with heavy losses and a major reduction in capabilities. The U.S. would still like to get al Masri, but not for $5 million.




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