Peacekeeping: China Works Both Ends


May 9, 2007: While China has become more active in contributing troops and support personnel to UN peacekeeping operations, it has also been providing cash and weapons for bad actors in parts of the world most in need of peacekeepers. China is openly bidding on contracts to exploit natural resources in Africa, and other parts of the world. Part of its pitch is a "no questions asked" attitude towards arms purchases and security assistance. The most notorious example of this can be found in Sudan. Chinese companies got the contracts to run the newly discovered oil fields there. In return, China sells Sudan weapons, and ignores criticism for this. China also keeps Sudan safe from UN sanctions (because China is one of the five nations with a veto), and expects Sudan to treat Chinese business interests in the country with consideration. Only when Chinese interests are threatened (like the up coming Olympics in China) does China try to do the right thing (convince Sudan to allow peacekeepers into Darfur).

China has adopted the same "no questions asked" approach to other African nations. In addition, Chinese made weapons are easily available to gunrunners, who supply the many rebels and warlords about in Africa and other parts of the world. China believes its approach is superior to the politically correct meddling favored by the West. For China, it's all about business, and nothing else. What China forgets is that a century ago, Western nations had the same attitude in Africa, and Asia. China did not appreciate it when these policies were applied to it. But times change.




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