Naval Air: Russia Facing Defeat By Tiny Israel


April 5, 2014: India has very publically declined the Russian offer to equip the new Indian aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya with the Kashtan close-in weapon system. Kashtan uses two six-barrel 30mm autocannon to destroy nearby anti-ship missiles and has been in service since 1989. India is looking at Israeli and French systems instead. India makes no secret of its dissatisfaction with Russia support for the many Russian weapons already purchased. Then there are the delays and cost overruns incurred when Russia was hired to refurbish an old Soviet carrier into the Vikramaditya.

India already uses the Barak 1 missile system for anti-ship missile defense and Israel is offering a much more capable Barak 8. Israeli stuff is more expensive but has proven more effective and reliable. Israeli tech support is far superior to what the Russians offer. 




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