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Murphy's Law: Who Guards The Guards
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November 23, 2007: In Afghanistan, an examination of the 77 people killed by a November 6 suicide bomb attack, found that most of them were killed by bullets, not the bomb. The bullets came from the bodyguards of tribal chiefs and politicians that were at the gathering. More than a hundred people were wounded as well, and most were hit by bullets. The bodyguards fired for more than three minutes after the bomb went off. Most of the dead (61 of 77) were students from a local school. Five teachers and five bodyguards also died. There were several notables, and their heavily armed bodyguard, present at the ceremony recognizing the opening of a factory. There were several hundred people in attendance, about a third of them children.


The official government story is that many of the victims were hit by ball bearings that were part of the bomb. No one took responsibility for the bombing.


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