Leadership: Australian Army Reorganizes For The Future


December 22, 2011: Australia is reorganizing its army. With only 27,000 active duty troops (and 17,000 reservists) the core of the force is currently three combat brigades (one mechanized, one light infantry, and one motorized). These will be converted into identical multirole brigades, with more support and supply capabilities. In effect, each of these brigades will be a miniature army able to operate independently. In addition, ten smaller (battalion size) battle groups will be formed. A small amphibious brigade will be organized, which will use new amphibious ships and be trained for disaster relief as well as combat. Reservists will be more thoroughly integrated into active duty units.

With this reorganization Australia will have a more flexible force, able to handle a wider range of contingencies. The Special Operations Command will not change much, although this outfit, which has been most active in the last decade, has already evolved quite a bit and provided some of the new ideas for the overall army reorganization.





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