Information Warfare: Israel Must Be Destroyed


November 7, 2011: The Palestinian Authority (which actually only represents 60 percent of Palestinians, who live in the West Bank) is in trouble again. Palestinian Authority (PA) leader, Mahmoud Abbas, was recently seen in an Egyptian TV interview stating flatly that the PA would never recognize the state of Israel and was determined to destroy Israel. While anyone who follows Palestinian Arab language media (especially TV) knows this, the PA represents itself to the UN and the non-Moslem world as receptive to peace with Israel, and with the establishment of a Palestinian state that would coexist with Israel. Yet Palestinian TV and newspapers constantly depict Israel as, well, not existing. Maps of the area show Israel as part of a greater Palestine. This is all done in a matter-of-fact way, especially in schools.

The other 40 percent of Palestinians are in Gaza, and controlled by Hamas (recognized worldwide as a terrorist organization). Hamas is more direct about its goal of destroying Israel, and does not pretend to be negotiating a two-state solution.

When pressed about its contradictory pronouncements on the existence of Israel, the PA just brushes it off or, if pressed, changes the subject. This is causing growing anger among some Western nations, especially the U.S. This is only a problem for the Palestinians because these states provide most of the cash and goods that keep the Palestinians solvent. As a result of this, the Palestinians are trying to get more money from the Arab oil states, but this is proving difficult because the Palestinians have a reputation for making bad decisions and making their patrons look bad. The Palestinians, for example, were long-time fans and supporters of Saddam Hussein, and mourned his removal from power, capture and execution between 2003 and 2006. Arab nations are not hiding their disdain for the Palestinians as much as they used to.






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