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Air Defense: Iranian Decoys Decoded
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November 20, 2008: Israeli and German scientists have developed a sensor that can discriminate between incoming nuclear missile warheads, and decoy warheads. This would enable Israeli anti-missile systems to just hit the nuclear warhead, while ignoring the inert dummy warheads. The new sensor, called Project Bluebird, would be carried in a UAV, and would fly high enough to enable the infrared sensor to get a good look at incoming warheads. Sensor reading would be instantly translated to missile control centers, where the missiles could be fired at the incoming nuke. All this would happen automatically, as the incoming missiles are moving several times faster than a rifle bullet.

Next Article → AIR TRANSPORTATION: Canadians Fly Russian In Afghanistan

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jak267       11/20/2008 11:54:03 AM
It doesn't matter how good your anti-missile missile is if it only takes a few Liberals to shoot it down before it gets built.
When OBie's done, we won't have any missiles.

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