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Air Defense: Romanian Radar Reinforcements
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March 15, 2008: Romania is buying 17 more U.S. TPS-79(R) 3-D radars. These   radars  are very popular with the military as the AN/TPS-79. Romania bought two  TPS-79(R)s six years ago, for evaluation, and were satisfied with it. The TPS-79(R) is portable, and can be set up in less than an hour. It can track aircraft up to 110 kilometers away, and at altitudes up to 30,000 feet. Typically, an TPS-79(R) will run for about a thousand hours (six weeks) before needing repairs of maintenance. Romania already has several long range radars, and the TPS-79(R) will be used to fill in gaps between existing long range radars. Some of the manufacturing of these TPS-79(R) systems will be done in Romania.  


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maruben    Price   3/15/2008 6:23:19 PM
What is the price per unit?
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