BOOK Loyalty Betrayed: Jewish Chaplains in the German Army During the First World War
OP The Allies Invade Southern France: Seaports and a Race up the Rhone
DLS: China Breaks A UAV Record
PHOTO: Falcons And Friend
DLS: What The Kurds Have Done And Why The Arabs have Not
PHOTO: Unmanned Practice
DLS: More TOWs For Syrian Rebels
VT Introducing In The Virtual Trenches
BOOK The Hundred Day Winter War: Finland's Gallant Stand against the Soviet Army
PHOTO: Over The Top
DLS: The Plot To Oppress China
PHOTO: Gentlemen, Start Your Engines
DLS: Keeping VLS Current
BOOK Colonels in Blue-Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee: A Civil War Biographical Dictionary
VIDEO: Rocket Attack On Israel-Gaza Border Crossing
DLS: Praetorian Proof
PHOTO: Afghan Arty
DLS: A Tattoo Too Far
BOOK Out of Sight, Out of Mind: The Royal Australian Navy's Role, Vietnam, 1965-1972
OP Islamic State's Murderous Excess Is The Road To Its Demise
PHOTO: USS Iwo Jima Loaded For Bear
DLS: Where Britain Is Mighty and Unrecognized
PHOTO: Final Inspections
DLS: Where MREs Are Really Loved
BOOK Churchill and Sea Power
PHOTO: Tanker View
DLS: Supercharged Ceasar
BOOK The Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours
PHOTO: Ready To Rescue
TALK: The Guns of August Nofi and Bay Style
DLS: USN Forced To Consider The Best Choice
PHOTO: Out Of The Tube
DLS: Scorpion Seduces
BOOK The French Army's Tank Force and Armoured Warfare in the Great War: The Artillerie Speciale
PHOTO: Sea Hawk Lift-Off
DLS: The Great KGB Archive Heist
PHOTO: USS Rhode Island Returns
DLS: Royal Navy Restocks
BOOK America's Corporal: James Tanner in War and Peace
PHOTO: Wet Runway
DLS: South Korea Climbs The Learning Curve
OP Sell French Warships to NATO, Not Russia
PHOTO: Destroyer Night
DLS: Iranian Air Losses Over Israel
PHOTO: Raptor Opens Up And Says, "Ahh!"
DLS: Combine a Dune Buggy And An MRAP And You Get...
BOOK Airship: Design, Development and Disaster
PHOTO: Raptor And Friend
DLS: A Chinese First
VIDEO: Boeing Poseidon On Patrol
DLS: Qatar Buys Protection Against Iran
VIDEO: Inside A Hamas Terror Tunnel
DLS: Wikileaks And The Great Saddam WMD Scam
BOOK Peacekeepers and Conquerors: The Army Officer Corps on the American Frontier, 1821-1846
PHOTO: Red Arrows
DLS: Undead Aircraft Over Iraq
PHOTO: LCAC In The Mists
DLS: M113 Thrives In Old Age
OP The July Crisis of 1914
PHOTO: Fighting Falcon Ready To Rumble
DLS: The Hamas Plan For Winning This War
PHOTO: Reagan Leads The Way
DLS: Accounting For Iron Dome
BOOK Living on the Western Front: Annals and Stories, 1914-1919
PHOTO: Sea Hawk Turns Sand Hawk
DLS: TOW Abides
VIDEO: Nahal Brigade Find And Detonate Weapons In Gaza
DLS: The Death Dance Of The American SSNs
VIDEO: IDF Ground, Naval & Aerial Forces in Action
DLS: SM-6 Goes Long
BOOK Debating War in Chinese History
TALK: StrategyPage's 15 Anniversary
PHOTO: Prowler Return
DLS: Russia Breaks a Record
BOOK The Tigress of Forli: Renaissance Italy's Most Courageous and Notorious Countess, Caterina Riario Sforza de' Medici
OP Penalize Putin and His Culpable Kremlin
PHOTO: Hornet Vapor
DLS: Britain Confronts The F-35B Heat Demon
DLS: Now Jordan Has Four Gunships
BOOK The Marshals of Alexander's Empire
PHOTO: Upgraded BONE
DLS: The Moslem Jet Fighter
BOOK July 1914: Countdown to War
PHOTO: Cthulhu Power
DLS: Leopard 2 Forever
BOOK Hoax: Hitler's Diaries, Lincoln's Assassins, and Other Famous Frauds
DLS: Essential For Success In 21st Century Warfare
VIDEO: IDF Forces Operate Inside Gaza
DLS: P-25 Too Good To Be Replaced

MALI: The Leftovers

ATTRITION: Americans Fighting In Gaza

WARPLANES: Joint U.S.-Iran Operations Over Iraq

MURPHY'S LAW: Problems That Are Older Than Islam

COUNTER-TERRORISM: ISIL And The Saudi Connection

NIGERIA: Fear Of A Forever War

ATTRITION: Ebola Chases Away Peacekeepers

NBC WEAPONS: Neutralizing The Syrian Chemical Threat

PROCUREMENT: China Breaks Western Sanctions On Russia

COUNTER-TERRORISM: Culture And Religion Collide in Iraq

IRAQ: Still The Radical Chic Flavor Of The Moment

MORALE: The War Against Vice In South Korea

SEA TRANSPORTATION: Piracy Gets Lucrative Again

COUNTER-TERRORISM: The Potent Power Of Pushtun Politics

LEADERSHIP: The Persistence Of Bad Behavior

ALGERIA: The Island Of Tranquility

ATTRITION: Things To Avoid In Afghanistan

SPACE: The Russians Change Their Minds

WINNING: We Have Met The Enemy And It Is Us

CHINA: The Danger From Within

ARTILLERY: The Guns Of August In Iraq

INFORMATION WARFARE: Games Some People Are Forbidden To Play

SOMALIA: Forbidden Desires And Private Armies

AIR DEFENSE: The Other Danger In Mali

INFORMATION WARFARE: Tibetan Rebels Hack Back

SYRIA: Rebuild, Reinforce And Prepare To Retake

SURFACE FORCES : Japan Increases Defenses Against Chinese Missiles

ATTRITION: Another Medical Miracle

SUPPORT: Ukraine Derails Major Russian Army Upgrade

INDIA-PAKISTAN: One Terrorist Sanctuary Down, Two To Go

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-70 BC - Publius Vergilius Maro - Virgil, "Arma virumque cano", d. 19 BC

961 Caliph Abd-ar-Rahman III of Cordoba (912-961), 72

1815 Congress rejects a proposal to relocate the nation's capital from Washington, recently captured and burned by the British, further west.
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