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Bigger Bang For IFVs
by James Dunnigan
January 5, 2010

Britain is preparing to upgrade the armament on its 440 FV510 Warrior IFVs (Infantry Fighting Vehicle). The 24 ton Warrior currently carries a 30mm autocannon, a crew of three and seven infantry. The plan is to replace the current turret with one armed with a CT40 40mm autocannon. One unique aspect of this weapon is its use of case-telescoped round (that looks like a beer can, with the shell surrounded by propellant.) In fact, the new 40mm round takes up less space than the 30mm round it replaced (and occupies about the same space 25mm rounds, of traditional design, would require). The range of the 30mm round is 1,500 meters, while the CT40 is accurate at more than twice that distance, as well as delivering a shell that penetrates more armor, or a fragmentation round that inflicts more casualties.  Britain will spend over $2 billion on this upgrade.


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